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Xbox 720 Durango Going To Be A Powerhouse, Will Be Strictly Against Piracy

The next generation Xbox (Xbox 720 maybe) codenamed Durango is expected to be an impressive gaming console. The latest rumors suggest that the machine is going to be a powerhouse, but will also be a big blow to the used games market.

According to VG247, Microsoft is planning to release the Xbox 360 successor during Christmas 2013, which is also rumored to be the launch timing for the PlayStation 4/Orbis, and the new console will feature either four or six core processors. It will also boast two GPUs that will be as fast as “two PCs taped together” and a built-in Kinect sensor.

The new rumor also suggests that the Durango will arrive with a Blu-ray drive. We are a bit doubtful about that info as we heard a lot of reports earlier that suggested the company was thinking about moving its content delivery to digital download only.

But what will be the most alarming info for many is that the Durango will require an internet connection at all times while it is being used. That move is most probably for combating used game sales. A mandatory internet connection could mean that there will be a requirement to authenticate discs and lock them to user accounts, and this would restrict the resale of games; if there are any discs that is.

But, of course, none of this should be taken without a pinch of salt. Do let us know whether you will be interested in the new Xbox if it comes with the above said features, and stay tuned for updates.

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  1. krgbarn@hotmail.com

    I have been gaming with a xbox since the first one was released. I would like to know the idiot who thought it was a good ideal not to have a disc drive. Im not going to buy a game and get stuck with it. Buying new games and trading them in after a short time is what i do alot. I know a bunch of people who do the same. I dont understand the marketing stratgey behind this, but I personally think that playstation is going to blow microsoft out of the water. A friend said the games will be cheaper for the 720. If that is the case I may reconsider.. Right now though Im thinking Playstation. Of course I will buy 2 since my kids play to…

  2. Bill Gates should die a slow and painful death

  3. So, assuming the game release pattern of COD, the next game will come out some time in late 2013. Do you think Microsoft would be greedy enough to make the new xbox not compatible with 360 disks so the new COD game would not work with the new xbox? Will they a) make new xbox compatible with 360 disks? b) release the new COD game after the new xbox? or c) be greedy and release the game before causing people to either buy it again for new xbox?

  4. Wait I won’t be able to get used games or sell my old ones? Digital only? HAH I need something real in my hands, I hope they come with a 10 terabyte SSD not to mention I have to download and wait for high bandwidth hours and server crashes. Yeah I won’t be buying this system, I love Microsoft, I love Xbox, but every time I see a company trying to combat piracy I see the honest paying patrons paying for a few people compared to the masses who legally buy. But this is all due to the stock market. A system that is set up to out perform last quarters profits and output which is never sustainable. Because they do bad, they have to try to corner the market in someway. This tactic is a failure. Pirates will never pay. They will wait for release and find a way like they always do. Because they are thieves. Thats how thieves work

  5. I am sick of DRMs and I am sick of game publishers that are willing to punish me because some one else has hurt their profit margin. I will not be buying a next gen console, I guess (at 47) I have just grown weary of their whining. I have always bought all my games legally, but they insist on making it harder and harder for me to just sit down and play a game. I AM NOT THE CRIMINAL! If these publisher are not careful, I will start buying pirated games just to avoid the DRMs

  6. If this is true, I expect xbox sales to plummet into the 0 region.

  7. The Durango better have blue-ray, internet connection required at all times is not a good idea, and digital download only, I mean come on its always nice to have the actual disc in your hand.

  8. Looks like its time to switch to Playstation, after all wasn’t impressed with kinect or paying too much for small storage options these past few years.

  9. why the hell would they do that. microsoft will ruin its sales

  10. I will not be buying the xbox.  I think it is bulls!@# that you have to be connected to internet at all times and have to download all of your games.  Screw the guys behind this.

  11. Well if that rumor is correct that the new Xbox requires an Internet connection then I will no longer be a gamer. Where I am living now we do not have the Internet I use a USB modem that would be too expensive to play online. I moved from a rural community that had very slow Internet and I am moving back that is a population of 69,000 that has poor Internet service the only available. Where I am living now has a lot of very rural communities. I do not believe that that rumor is true Internet service in the United States and other countries are not ready for that. I don’t always play online I could spend hours of my free time making maps on games like  Far Cry. Maybe the PS4 will not require Internet if so I’ll go that route thanks Microsoft love you.

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