OpenStreetMap Gets Backed by Microsoft to Combat Google Maps

Both Apple and Foursquare have moved away from Google Maps and opted to use OpenStreetMap instead. Now, it looks like OpenStreetMap has gained itself another big ally in its war against Google Maps. Microsoft is on board.

Before you think that Microsoft is abandoning Bing Maps in favor of OpenStreetMap too, you have to realize that Microsoft has already been using the mapping tool since 2010. They’re already buddies. Microsoft is keeping this going by providing OpenStreetMap with access to Bing Aerial Imagery, as well as investing “big dollars” into the open-source project.

Google and Microsoft are constantly butting heads with one another, from search to e-mail to office productivity software, and now the mapping world has become another major battlefront. Who will emerge victorious? Or is there enough room for two winners?


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