Jam To Your iPhone Or iPod With The Cardboard-Constructed Berlin Boombox


When it comes to iPhone stereos, there are certainly plenty of options, but many of them are bulky and boring. The Berlin Boombox is neither of these things with its unique retro styling and its entirely cardboard constructed design. This interesting boombox works for any MP3 player or device with a standard audio jack and is completely recyclable.

This German-made product is the creation of Studio Axel Pfaender, and is now on Kickstarter. A pledge of just $50 will land you one of these boombox kits. For those that enjoy DIY endeavors, the Berlin Boombox is sure to be a hit. According to its creator it is very easy to put together, though not everyone will like the idea of having to construct it, regardless of how easy it is.

It’s nice to see iPod/iPhone accessories that think outside of the box and are more environmentally friendly. As a parent, my only fear would be that cardboard would probably be easy to destroy for younger children, though it sounds like this is very solid, strong cardboard. For only $50, it is certainly worth looking in to. Not only will you get a device that is unique, but also a great nod back to the 80s boombox era.

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