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Snap Folding Skateboard Knows Yoga

If you love taking your skateboard no matter wherever you go, you might agree that it is difficult to carry the lengthy thing around. The Snap Skateboard, which is said to be the world’s first folding skateboard, might be the answer to your troubles. As you can see, the skateboard can be folded up and will easily fit into your backpack.

The Snap Skateboard can be folded from 36 inches down to 14 inches all thanks to two patented hinges.  Its deck is made up of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum. A wooden deck was avoided most probably because it would crack if cut into pieces. The board features high-strength steel pins for locking the hinges in place, and also comes with grip tape. You will also be able to replace the wheels and trucks with skateboard parts of your choice.

As for the safety, its makers are saying that it has been designed for both tricks and cruising, although the middle might buckle if it’s pushed too hard. So you might wanna do some ground tricks first before moving onto big jumps.

The Snap Skateboard retails for $119.



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  1. Fails as a new school trick deck ”
    the middle might buckle if it’s pushed too hard.” That’s the last thing you want to think about when you’re airing it out. 

    Fails as a cruiser.  Stiff AL deck and hard small wheels, definitely not what the doctor ordered for a smooth ride.  If you want a commuter board that folds up, try the Stowboard.

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