Scholastic Enters 21st Century with Storia eBook Platform for Kids

Scholastic Enters 21st Century with Storia eBook Platform for Kids


I remember when I was still going through school, I’d always look forward to the new Scholastic catalog so that I could order a bunch of new books. Not surprisingly, times have changed, but Scholastic still wants kids to keep reading. And that’s what the new Storia platform is supposed to address.

Yes, physical books may still have their place in our new digital society, but more and more kids are turning to tablets, computers, and e-readers. With Storia, Scholastic is creating an entire e-book ecosystem that is complete with an app, as well as the e-book store itself. Interestingly, the ebooks sold through Storia look like they’re exclusive to Scholastic, not unlike many of the physical books they have sold over the years.

The beta version of the e-reading app for Windows has launched and the iPad version should be going live a little later this month. You get five free ebooks when you download the app and you have access to (buy) over 1,000 more ebooks through the Storia store. The official launch is slated for the back to school season in the fall, at which time there will be over 2,000 titles available, as well as apps for Mac, Android, and iPhone.


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