Cheaper 8GB iPad 2 May Be Unveiled At Ipad Press Conference

Next week, Apple is set to unveil their Apple iPad 3 in 16GB and 32GB sizes at a special conference in San Francisco. According to DigiTimes, a source from within Apple’s supply chain says that there will also be a new version of the iPad 2 announced there as well, featuring just 8GB of memory and targeted towards the lower-end segment of the market.

This falls somewhat in-line with rumors that suggested that after the iPad 3 was launched, the iPad 2 would receive at least a $100 price cut. While most eyes will be turned towards the iPad 3 at the upcoming press conference, a lower-end iPad 2 doesn’t sound like a bad deal either. Between these new rumors of an 8GB iPad 2 and the existing idea that iPad 3 that supposedly has no home button, this press event is shaping up to be something of rather epic proportions, not.

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