SIM Card Integrates NFC Connectivity

SIM Card Integrates NFC Connectivity


120228-simnfc SIM Card Integrates NFC Connectivity

Part of the reason why NFC hasn’t quite taken off in the mainstream is that the average consumer may not have an NFC-enabled smartphone. The SIMply NFC-Revolution fixes that by offering a SIM card that has the whole NFC business built into it.

A joint effort between Morpho and INSIDE Secure, the SIMply NFC-Revolution product uses INSIDE’s NFC chip technology and shoves it into Morpho’s SIM technology. The net result is an integrated product that can effectively give any SIM-touting phone the ability to do all the NFC things that we want to be able to do.

We’ve seen other retrofit solutions, like those that involve putting a sticker on the back of the phone, but this looks way cleaner and way more convenient. All we need is for the major carriers to adopt this NFC-happy SIM card and we’ll be ready to go.

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