iFrogz Boost iPhone Speaker Uses NearFA for Psychic Connection

120222-ifrogz iFrogz Boost iPhone Speaker Uses NearFA for Psychic Connection When you want to connect to most speaker systems, you have to use some sort of cable. These days, you can cut the cords and use wireless technology like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The iFrogz Boost Speaker uses neither of these, relying on what sounds more like a telepathy with your music-pumping iDevice.

The Boost Speaker from iFrogz utilizes something called NearFA technology. This is not the same as Bluetooth. Instead, all you do is put your iPhone, iPod, or other portable device onto the Boost and it will “sync the audio signal.” It can then boost it out through its pair of two-watt speakers.

This almost makes me think of the SurfaceSound tech used in products like the Tunebug Shake, but this is an entirely different beast altogether. iFrogz says that it isn’t using a microphone to “detect” the sound either, so this has us scratching our heads. It’s got to be psychic.

In any case, you can expect up to 15 hours of tunes from three AA batteries. The Boost sells for $40.

Michael Kwan

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