Aldebaran Prepares to Introduce Romeo Helperbot to the World

Why would you want a human helper when you can have a robot instead? Aldebaran Robotics is back to its helperbot ways, this time releasing a video of Romeo, a “humanoid robot that can act as a comprehensive assistant for persons suffering from a loss of autonomy.”

Basically, Romeo is a robot that can help people who have the basic mobility or dexterity to handle daily functions. He can be used to open doors, fetch objects, twist open jars, and so on. He is also designed to understand basic human speech, comprehending what the owner wants based on voice commands. That’s the only way he’d really work in a real world setting anyhow.

You might remember Aldebaran for its Nao robot, but I imagine the larger Romeo robot will cost more than Nao’s $16,000. The video embedded below has the new creeperbot greeting the world, looking forward to 2012 when he can “soon be able to join and work with you.”

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