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Atlantis Disappears Again! Google Removes ‘Image Of Lost City’ In Its 3D Ocean Upgrade

The lost city of Atlantis disappears again and who else could trigger the vanishing act in the 21st century other than Google!

The internet giant, in a drive to clean up, or rather upgrade, its ocean mapping system, has removed from Google Earth the image which was believed to be that of the lost city of Atlantis.

The image was discovered in 2009, giving the Atlantis hunters a ray of hope that it could be the remains of the ancient city as it lay in an area that was believed to be where the original city was located.

The image in question here was recorded in an area off the coast of Morocco called the Madeira Abyssal Plane.  It shows a grid system on the ocean floor, indicating possible city blocks according to believers, but the ever-skeptic Google had always maintained that it was caused by an error in its ship’s sound imaging instruments that was used to map the ocean floor.

What is evident is that the latest disappearance of Atlantis is an attempt by Google to improve the quality of Google Earth’s underwater imaging, a joint effort by the internet giants with Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the US Navy.

Scripps geophysicist David Sandwell was quoted by the institute’s website last week that “UCSD undergraduate students spent the past three years identifying and correcting the blunders as well as adding all the multi-beam echosounder data archived at the National Geophysical Data Center in Boulder, Colorado”.

The update coincides with the third anniversary of the launch of Google Earth’s 3D ocean. According to Google, 15 percent of the ocean floor (from an earlier 10 percent) is now visible at a resolution of 1km after the changes. Google Earth’s oceanic maps are now on par with the ones used by researchers.



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  1. well i guess since google is teamed with the government i know who im not going to trust with my information if they snuff the biggest find and ive found others they havent snuffed out yet worthless agencies

  2. the image, is to deceive, check right, left to ladp Madeira island , the Atlantis . . .is protected by governs of Portugal.

  3. And if yo want your internet service to be legal you can´t put politicians or members of political organizations in charge…..you have to sort of who you want to be in charge and who you don´t want to be in charge. 

  4.  And you see , most of the people who run google , youtube , the national security agency , etc. are people who are afraid of images. They think that the uploading and storing of images is against the will of some deity and that the deity will punish them in the afterlife if an image is detected and there´s an image problem and they aren´t resolving it. It´s not just about politics but it´s also about fear. The fear of images , has been with mankind for over 6000 years now……

  5. I don´t have faith in the ability of google to survive as an internet service. It´d be simply outstandingly naive to assume that google can survive.
    I´d trust in decentralized internet developers to offer people new internet services.
    You can´t use one internet website without doing it at the expense of someone else.
    And if you discover something important and want to snap a picture of it don´t put that on google.
    The fact is that google is simply not a useful media information source.
    To make that happen you have to practice it at the expense of someone else , like a politician or else they´ll do it at the expense of you.
    People shouldn´t use internet services which are too big for them and everyone else to handle and whose owners are a bunch of pseudoscientists with no enthusiasm whatsoever for science and who´ll delete an image of anything important from UFO´s to sunken cities. 

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