Recoil Winders: Your Cable Mess Will Never Be The Same Again

Recoil Winders: Your Cable Mess Will Never Be The Same Again


I have tangled cables all over the place. There’s a trick that I use with certain headphone cords, but I otherwise rely on twisty ties and other solutions to try and keep things in check. This Kickstarter project looks like such a game changer that we hope Recoil has a patent on their much easier and more attractive solution. Recoil’s Cord Winder effectively automates the wind up process with any cable, sort of like your vacuum cleaner that has had this feature since, well, who really knows but its been around since I have been alive. Now we get it for our gadgets.

A spring loaded mechanism and a little hook with a loop snags your cord and retracts it inside the cord winder.  It’s almost like a yo-yo with a spring-loaded recoil. There are three different sizes of the Recoil Cord Winder, ranging from the smallest (for things like Apple’s iEarbuds) up to the largest, which will take cords up to 60 inches in length. There’s also a rack to hold up to three of these Winders neatly on your desk. Not surprisingly, the Kickstarter project has been hugely popular, destroying its initial $10,000 funding goal. As of this writing, they’ve already raised north of $50,000 with 18 days to go.