Newest Google Docs for Android App Finally Adds Offline Access

For better or for worse, Google controls a fairly significant part of my online life. And I want access to that online life even when I’m not plugged into the matrix. And that’s why it’s good to hear that the Google Docs for Android app is now bringing offline access into the picture.

The newest update to the app, version 1.0.43, lets you view any file you have saved in your Google Docs account without having to be connected to the Internet in some form. Of course, you’ll need to define this offline access ahead of time and you’ll need to download the file locally before you disconnect from the net, but at least the feature is now there.

The other major change with the update is that when you view these Google Documents on your Android tablet, you will be presented with a “high resolution version of the document.” Rounding out the changelog include the ability to manage offline content, as well as the ability to star or rename files while offline. As always, you can find the app in Android Market as a free download.

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