IKEA Spoka Lamp Controlled By Android Smartphone (Video)

From controlling a TV to helping us park our cars, smartphones these days are capable of doing a lot of things that make our lives a whole lot easier. And now you can add the Ikea SPOKA lamp to the list. The image above is not from the set of a new sci-fi movie, it’s a Spoka night lamp from Ikea being hacked  for Android automation.

The Spoka lamp includes an ATtiny2313 and an RS232 Bluetooth module, which will allow the lamp itself to be controlled with a standard Android-running smartphone.

What’s the big deal in coming up with such a hack, you ask? Well, the lamp originally features two modes which you can select with a switch at the top. Either you can select the slow change between blue, red and orange colors while dimming the intensity or you can keep the same colour and intensity. The hack will allow you to customize the patterns of light that the lamp can display. And later on you can also have it synchronize to music playback.

Maybe in the not too distant future, you can set your lamp to start flashing when someone pokes you on Facebook or have different colors indicate different things. Check out the video and you can leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Tony says:

    請問怎麼把程式燒進 IC 裡? 謝謝~

  2. sheng says:

    Can you give me a project code? THX ~

  3. Stephen says:

    Wow, phones just get better and better, won’t belong before you can control the whole house with them (making us lazier I shall think)

  4. trandi says:

    actually the Ikea lamp does NOT “include an ATtiny2313 and an RS232 Bluetooth module”, I added those myself as part of the hack…

    in any case I’m glad you guys found it interesting…


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