Panasonic WiGig Tablet Allows Multi-Gigabit Wireless Transmissions

As early as 2009, we’ve been promised a potentially game-changing short-range wireless technology, called WiGig. This amazing mult-gigabit speed wireless technology sounds great, but its has taken a while to really see any major devices that take advantage of the possible technology.

This is all changing as Panasonic has developed a prototype system that has WiGig embedded in a tablet that can wirelessly transmit data like photos and videos to displays mounted in the passenger seats of a car. The receiver must be within 1-3m of the tablet to work, though.

Interesting technology, and as you can see from the video above it only took 60 seconds to trasmit a full DVD video.

If automobile companies and even TV makers can come up with innovative ways to use this, I could certainly see some major potential in the future.

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