Asus Padfone To Be Shown Off At Mobile World Congress Next Month

Imagine one device that manages to successfully act as a smartphone, tablet, and a netbook. This is exactly what Asus is aiming for with its Padfone.

According to MoDaCo’s founder, Paul O’Brien, he has apparently heard straight from Asus that the Padfone will in fact be shown off at the Mobile World Congress on February 27th.

How this works is pretty simple, it is a smartphone that plugs into a tablet display dock. The dock simply has the speakers, larger display, extra battery, and tablet buttons. The power and OS all come from the phone, which is said to operate Android 4.0 and have a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

So, this covers the tablet/smartphone side, but how do you turn it into a netbook? The Padfone is supposedly compatible with its Transformer keyboard dock, actually.

This is no doubt an ingenius design. Now you just have to wonder what carriers will support it and when we’ll actually see such an amazing three-way hybrid hit the streets.

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