Perhaps This Modular Fujitsu Lifebook Concept Isn’t Too Far From Becoming Reality

Perhaps This Modular Fujitsu Lifebook Concept Isn’t Too Far From Becoming Reality


Do you think we have too many devices these days? There’s often a disconnect between these various devices which doesn’t make our entire experience flow. Motorola gave it a whirl with their Atrix 4G, Asus with the PadFone, but this Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 concept takes us to another level. It’s a modular laptop where you can add and remove a smartphone, tablet, and digital camera.

Should you choose to go for the full Voltron-esque experience, all of these devices can be completely combined into one unified Fujitsu Lifebook. Based on this initial design by Prashant Chandra, the tablet part becomes a touchscreen keyboard, for instance, while the slim digital camera can mount to the lid of the notebook to work like an outward-facing webcam. They all integrate and work together combining their powers.

It could mean that the main Lifebook would have its own processor, which could then be supplemented by the processing power of the tablet and smartphone for even faster performance. All the data gets shared between all the devices, helping reduce the instance of repeated data and components. “For example if I have my songs on my music player, why do I have to block the same amount of storage on my laptop?” Chandra continues, “Similarly, if I have a processor sitting in my tablet, why can it not also run/assist my laptop?”

It is of course a concept, but is this what the future of computing will bring us? Would you want a modular computer like this? I would.

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