An Affordable Flying Robot Drone For Amateur Photogs

An Affordable Flying Robot Drone For Amateur Photogs


In the last couple of years, I’ve noticed an increase in popularity when it comes to R/C helicopters. Most of these are for amateur hobbyists, but what if you want something a little better for aerial photography and videography? Up until now, those kinds of rigs were too expensive, out of reach for the average citizen. The eye3 aims to change that.  It’s a project that has recently been put up on Kickstarter and it’s effectively a “professional quality yet affordable flying robotic camera platform.” Yes, it’s a drone. Whereas a helicopter only has one rotor and the increasingly popular Parrot AR Drone has four rotors, the eye3 has six rotors. This presumably gives greater stability and level of control, both of which are so important when it comes to aerial photography.

If the eye3 gets the $25,000 of funding that it needs, it can ship out to average Joes like you and me for all of our awesome imaging needs. It ships as a kit, so you will need to put it together, but all the hard work with testing and design has been done for you. Pledge $999 or more and you get an eye3 hexacopter kit of your own!  Check out the Kickstarter page for more information and to back the project.