NAMM 2012: TonePrint App Faxes Your Pedal New Effects

Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 11.04.18 AM

TonePrint is an app that was previously released for iOS and now recently just launched for Android here at NAMM. What the app does is uploads new guitar effects to your pedal in the same way a fax sends data to another fax machine. Once you pick the effect you want, like Yogi’s ‘Shake’ TonePrint for Shaker Vibrato, simply place the speaker of your device over the pickup of your guitar, the pickup listens to the fax sound, then transmits the data to the pedal which stores the new code. Now you’re ready to jam!

TonePrint pedals, made by TC Electronics, run for about $130 a pop.

[Android Market, iTunes]

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