Arman Ahnood’s OLED Solar Cell Screen Could Expand Your Battery Life


solar-cells-smartphones Arman Ahnood's OLED Solar Cell Screen Could Expand Your Battery Life
Did you know that only about 36% of the light produced by an OLED display is projected out while the rest is wasted? So what if we could find a way to harness this wasted energy to increase battery life on today’s smartphones? This is exactly what Arman Ahnood, a researcher at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, is working on.

Ahnood’s system uses solar cells in the screens to harness some of this lost energy. This system currently has only about an 11% efficiency, far from what is needed to make this technology worthy of helping expand battery life, but it is a start.

Anhood believes that this efficiency can eventually be increased with further research, to a point that this could improve the average battery life for a smartphone by several hours. He believes the efficiency can be increased significantly, to the point where this system could extend battery life by a few hours. If this technology proves cheap and efficient enough, even thirty or forty more minutes would be a welcome addition for most smart phones out there. And who wouldn’t want a solar cell in their phone?

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