Numark iDJ Pro Brings The DJ Experience To The iPad

Numark iDJ Pro Brings The DJ Experience To The iPad


With the new Numark iDJ Pro, DJ controllers just meet up with iPad, and it certainly makes for a glorious combination. The iDJ Pro features sleek, brushed aluminum casing and is equipped with all the professional controls any self-respecting DJ would expect.

By combining industry-leading design of Numark DJ controllers with the power of the iPad, iDJ puts a 30-pin dock at the center of its traditional dual-platter setup, and using the tablet’s screen gives you an expanded layout of physical controls, touuch-senstive platers, looping, pitch and effect controls.

The device features RCA inputs, is AirPlay compatible (send your mix to any Airplay speakers), and has a dedicated music-library scroll knob.

For those looking to take their DJ experiences to the next level with the power of the iPad, this could certainly be the way to go.

Check out Numark’s website for more information about the product and were to find a local dealer that carries it.

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