SpareOne: The Emergency Mobile Phone Powered By One AA


16-640x369 SpareOne: The Emergency Mobile Phone Powered By One AA

Are you waiting for a phone that can run on a single AA battery? The mobile phone pictured above is the SpareOne which is one such device. But the new device is not meant to function as your regular handset.  The SpareOne has been designed as a back-up phone which can be kept in your emergency kit. Using that one AA battery, the device can deliver up to 10 hours of talk time. But its most amazing feature is that it comes with an isolator that prevents current discharge which allows it to hold charge for up to a whopping 15 years when you are not using it. But that depends on the shelf-life of the battery that is being used.

The device can be used at emergency situations. For example, the phone will be a big help when you are traveling away and you have no way to charge your phone, or when there is no power due to a flood or earthquake. And if you carry a pack of batteries in your bag, you will be able to chat for hours on SpareOne.  As the SpareOne comes unlocked and requires a SIM, in order to use the phone, you will have to swap the SIM card from your regular handset. It’s coming in two GSM versions (850/1900 MHz and 900/1800 MHz) and with an always-on 911 feature (no SIM required) and an LED emergency flashlight. It will ship in March with a price tag of around US$50.

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