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iPad 3 Release Date And Spec Rumor Update

The rumors and speculations about the Apple iPad 3 will definitely keep on coming till the day it is finally officially announced. The latest info suggests that the much anticipated device will arrive sometime in March equipped with impressive specs.

According to Bloomberg, production of the iPad 3 has already started and Apple’s manufacturing partners will work at full capacity by next month before the release of the tablet in March. Some sources are also claiming that Foxconn’s factories will run round the clock to produce the tablet, although a break is coming for the Lunar New Year holidays.

A launch in March for the iPad 3 has been rumored several times earlier. And rumors are also flying around regarding the October arrival of an iPad 4 from the company.

It is being claimed that the iPad 3 will arrive with a quad-core processor, the long rumored Retina Display and it will feature 4G LTE support as well. But no hints regarding that speculated HD FaceTime camera.

It will be interesting to see how Apple will manage to fit all the above said specs into their upcoming tablet without affecting its battery life. As you might know, the longer battery life is one of the iPad’s strongest points. And all the high-end features also mean a higher price tag.

And what about the device’s thickness, you ask? According to some, Apple has decided to go with Sharp’s IGZO technology for bringing out a thinner display. While some have indicated that they have chosen a dual light bar design which will result in a thicker iPad 3.

Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Abigail howell

    im thinking of buying a pad should i wait till the 3rd or 4th comes out 

  2. Sonot replaciong Laptops anytie soon then?

    • Zara_noon@yahoo.com

      Naah, iPads are all about consumption and hardly productive. They are ok for browsing and playing the odd game ore reading the odd book on the go.. Also look good.. That’s about it, they will never replace a laptop.
      Laptop is like a proper computer, something an iPad or any tab for that matter can never come close to; yet alone replace!

      • Oh yee of little faith. iPads are already replacing laptops in commercial and government because of a variety of reasons that are obvious to most.

        With apps like Logmein you can bring your PC along with you on your iPad without worrying about lugging a 20 lb weight.

        Do your homework: where is the record player, cassette tapes, Borders book stores, and eventually Blackberries — replaced.

        • That’s right! ( As I post this from iPad) PC’s are really only used now for the purpose of converting and uploading files. Other than that there’s really no use for them.

        • Logmein? Is that anything like Chowmein?

        • Desktops/Laptops only used for converting??? You forget that all stuff developed for ipads and tablets alike, smartphones etc is done on them. Not to mention the zillion other businesses that need proper workstations.
          iPads are just toys that might come in handy for trivial things as webbrowsing, games, reading etc, but when it comes to serious work they are worthless items.

      • Who says iPads or any other tablets have to replace laptops?  I see them as complementary and offer convenience in size, efficiency in battery life, and simplicity in their operation.  I’ve got a car, but I’ve also got a bicycle.  Do I get into arguments over which is best?  No, I use them both as appropriate, much as I do with my laptop, my desktop, and my iPad.

        I’m sure tablets will evolve over time into even more powerful tools with extended capabilities just as laptops did a few years ago and are now as powerful as many desktops, but for many people who do very little content creation but lots of consumption, tablets are ideal.

        Why does the tech industry generate so much confrontation???

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