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Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook Closest To MacBook Air Killer

Samsung Series 9 notebooks are well known products, you can fetch one right now at Amazon, for example. This past week at CES 2012, we saw the second generation of this notebook, a totally revamped Series 9 Macbook killer.

This time, Series 9 notebook from Samsung has an amazing Duralumin (aircraft grade aluminum) unibody with a total thickness of just half an inch. That might just fit inside a brown paper envelope.  Samsung is setting the bar for the new ultrabook class, although Samsung doesn’t like the “ultrabook” moniker, we’ll just let it be the Samsung Series 9 notebook to make them happy.

It’s powered by a hefty Intel Core i5 processor and comes with USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and an SD Card slot. As shown, it has a 13.3 inch matte screen sporting a 1600×900 resolution and weight of just 2.5 pounds. Original Series 9 notebooks had 2.8 pounds, even if it was outfitted with plastics here and there instead of the aluminum unibody shell like here.

What was not shown off was their 15-inch version of the same notebook.  Described as the fitting the same form factor, this model sports the same 1600×900 resolution. But with a bigger screen brings more weight, it’s still just 3.3 pounds, and the thickness is still that awesome half of an inch.

This new generation of Samsung’s Series 9 notebooks may try to suck air out of Apple’s MacBook Air. But they will need to improve on a few things before that ever happens, for one: battery life of these Samsung models is still a mere 3 hours compared to the Air’s 6 hours. Pricing of $1399 for 13.3 inch model and $1499 for 15 inch model could be just a $100 or so less than equally equipped MacBook Air, which could prove insufficient incentive to buy Samsung Series 9 notebook instead of the Mac OS X totting Air.  Expect it next month through Samsung’s typical channels.

Update: To straighten out any confusion, Samsung is taking an Apple-esque approach to their names.  We’re used to PC manufactures incrementing and updating their model numbers every time a new version is released.  Not with Samsung and the Series 9, the model discussed in this post is the 2012 version.  Jump here to press release for unconvinced eyes.




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  1. I’m a PC novice, but this looks pretty neat. 
    How much RAM can you get it it.  Seems like that’s what I always “run out of.” 
    Also, can the Samsung Series 9 be hooked up to an external monitor??

  2. So long Mac Air, Hello new Series 9 ULTRAbook!!!

    LOVE the thin bezel!!!

    GREAT job Samsung!!!

  3. Transitional copycat from Korea. The best material is used outsides for good looking but insides ????

  4.  As far as portables are concerned, I consider the mac line the standard, but I like this thing allot. I think mac’s designs are less polarizing but this thing from an appearance perspective appears more mature than the current macbook air. The performance is impressive, shame it can’t run OS X (at least not easily), as windows 7 is good, but its relatively bland, notebook like this deserves an OS that offers a premium experience. The offset trackpad isn’t necessary, I use the trackpad with my right hand, that feature is slightly off-putting, but I like it. 

  5. This is thinner, lighter, and has a better screen (with a much thinner bezel=smaller footprint) than the current air.  It also has USB3, ethernet. Actually its a quad-thread processor, but still a better intel processor. The OS is a non-issue if you know what you’re doing (unless you need cablecard).  However, a real apples to windows comparison should wait till ivy bridge. This is probably when the new air will come out along with other contenders (Sony?). The major flaws I see with the X3B are:
    1. Short battery life (5.5 max)
    2. Slow SSD (you’re the nand manufacturer samsung, come on)
    3. USB ports are not side by side so you can’t hook up a USB2 bluray drive, maybe USB3?
    4. 17W processor, Sony Z has a 35W which should go QC with IVB.
    Either way (OSX / W7), competition is good since no one has the built the laptop I want yet. But they’re getting closer…

  6. Where are you getting the 3 hours battery life?

    The press release says 6 hours.

  7. The overwhelming majority of people who buy an APPLE in lieu of a PC do so because of the OPERATING SYSTEM and NOT because of the hardware. Once you’ve experienced the panic of opening up your PC in front of 3,000 conference attendees to start your PowerPoint presentation only to have your PC go into permanent UPDATE mode, you’ll understand why! Updates, updates, updates, updates…………They never get it right the first time round.

  8. No way is this a MacBook Air killer, the processor runs at 1.4GHz compared to 1.7GHz on the Air.

    Also the screen resolution is slightly higher on the Air at 13.3″ screen size.

    The price is the same, it can run Windows if required so why should I buy a Samsung?

    • I’m with you David, it’s for people dreaming about mac’s who can’t make the shift..

    • You are looking at the old Series 9.

      This is the newer Series 9 (2012)

      Series 9 (2012) 13.3 1600 x 900 ( Matte ) 400 nits

      Mac Book Air  13″ 1440 x 900 (Glossy )

      Series 9 (2012) Quad-core 1.7-GHz Intel Core i7-2637M processor

      Mac Book Air  Dual- Core1.8-GHz Core i7

      Series 9 (2012)  2.5 lbs

      Mac Book Air   2.96 lbs

      I dont know where you are getting your numbers pal.

      Yup, that is a killer alright.

    • because of the matte finish screen perhaps…..

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