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$79 Ainol Novo 7 Paladin Tablet Does Ice Cream Sandwich

No typo here, the $79 Ainol Novo 7 Paladin is a camera-less tablet, but yes indeed, it runs Ice Cream Sandwich.  This tablet is a variation of the world’ s first ICS Android 4.0 tablet, the Ainol Novo 7 Basic we spotted last year. Ainol’s Novo 7 Paladin is certainly powered by a MIPS chip, and if it has the same internals as that Basic (minus cameras), then it might be MIPS32-based Xburst JZ4770 SoC by Beijing Ingenic Semiconductor company.  Knight Paladin mentioned there might be dual cameras still.

In short, this simple Paladin sports the same 800×480 non-IPS 7 inch capacitive screen, 512 MB of RAM, a miniUSB port, headphone jack, reset pinhole, volume rocker, microSD card slot, single tiny speaker on the back, and couple of additional “hardware” buttons that were banned from Android designs since Honeycomb.

This runs Android 4.0.1 on top of Linux kernel 3.0.8, a big step up from what Tegra 3 ICS tablets run on; 2.6.36 or so. “Basic” was quoted as being priced at $99, which explains their $79 “Paladin” price by missing optics.



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  1. ” 3.0.8, a big step up from what Tegra 3 ICS tablets run on; 2.6.36″?

    3.0.0 is aka 2.6.40. It’s 12 minor revisions newer – almost no change at all.

  2. It is a great little tablet, but a pain to setup unless you know what you are doing. I spent several days getting mine sorted and I have then blogged the whole process on my blog at techlovincodgers(add a dot and a com on the end).
    I hope it helps some other lost souls! Enjoy…

  3. where do you buy it for 79.00?

    • LOL! No kidding. I love how they announce these types of things but they are no where to be found at the price mentioned. If you don’t mind being gouged you can pay 129.00 for it right now as that’s the cheapest price I’ve seen. 

  4. While it’s build is not bad and the screen is smooth most apps are not available on the Google Market. The Youtube app, Google Books, Facebook etc are not available to download. That’s to bad it would make a nice inexpensive tablet otherwise.

    • You can side load Youtube and an .so file and it works fine and FB works ok on the browser. No Netflix figured out yet though.

      •  i just got mine couple of days ago, and i had same problem with installing apps, including facebook. what i did is google apk apps found google youtube and i was able to install all.

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