iPhone 5 Could Have Quad-Core A6: Code Found In iOS 5.1 Beta

With CES just around the corner, Apple’s announcements are nearly always strategically positioned just a few weeks afterwards. When that happens we can always assume that the Cupertino company is going to one up everyone else just when they believed they had come out with something new and revolutionary.  Even while CES is happening Apple is usually stealing the show with their leaks and rumors of what is up and coming. 2012 is no exception.

This time around it may be bigger than we think. Although the A5 was released in the iPad 2, it wasn’t available in an Apple iPhone until the recently released iPhone 4s. Now with that said, the dual-core A5 chip is speedy enough to handle Siri and a whole multitude of resource hungry apps. But if the recent discovery of some clever developers is to be believed, Apple may be coming out with quad-core A6 chips sooner, rather than later.

These developers have uncovered something in the iOS 5.1 beta code that indicates support for quad-core iPhones and iPads. A few months back developers discovered the iPhone 5.1 reference buried within the iOS 5.1 beta code, now it’s this.

Does this mean we will hear about an iPhone 5 announcement soon? Will that iPhone 5 have a quad-core A6 processor? It’s all speculation at this time.  Apple could have put this code in to make competitors nervous, but Apple is a company that actually does things, rather than making it look like their doing things. If this evidence of a quad-core A6 supported in iOS 5.1 beta software is to believed, we can assume it’s really coming.


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  1. Jfreak says:

    Why its it that some people always find reason to discredit others on the basis of something that has nothing to do with the subject that others are speaking of? There is nothing wrong with this article because it is simply informing others of information they came across and they just want to share it with others. The grammar in this article didn’t obstruct my understanding of the article. Thanks for sharing Mobile Magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since when did IOS code for developers include raw machine code? Assembler code I could understand but machine code?

    Or did no one notice this?

  3. Silverjag says:

    Worst grammar I have ever seen– totally discredits any and all predictions made by this ‘so called blog’.

  4. 0firball says:

    GO GO GO APPLE ….. :D

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