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Gorilla Glass 2 at CES, Coming to iPhone 5?

Corning is the maker of  “Gorilla Glass” which is used in many newer generation consumer electronic gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.  Corning plans to show off a new version of its Gorilla Glass next week at the consumer Electronics Show, the new version is super-thin and chemically-strengthened. Not many details have been released about the new version at this point, but the company claimed last year that this is the next big thing in glass and we can expect it to be in the iPhone 5. The company is staying pretty quite about exactly how much lighter or stronger the new glass will be, but not to worry, we will soon find out what Corning has in their hat next week at the annual Consumer electronic Show.

According to Corning, Gorilla Glass is currently used in more than 575 electronic products across 30 major brands totaling a whopping 500 million devices across the globe.

At this time it is unclear if Apple is using Gorilla Glass Displays on the latest iPhone & iPad. Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs notes that Steve Jobs put his “reality distortion field” to get Corning to bring its speciality glass to the market just in time for the first iPhone launch.

Gorilla Glass also aims to be used in other devices that are slightly bigger than a typical tablet or a smartphone. The company is working on an impressive 82-inch touchscreen for the show.  If you are going to this years CES be sure to check out the Gorilla Glass booth, for readers that cannot be at the show, keep your browsers locked onto Mobilemag as we will bring you all the breaking developments right here.



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