iPhone 5 Concept Gets Thinner, Boasts Edge-to-Edge Screen

Say hello to the iPhone SJ. As we anxiously await any kind of formal announcement from Apple about a true iPhone 5 successor to the current iPhone 4S, we turn to the various design studios on the web for insights and inspirations. Here is one such example.

The iPhone SJ is the vision of Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studio in Italy. Of course, this is not at all sanctioned or endorsed by the team in Cupertino, but it could give us a glimpse into what the next iPhone will bring. For starters, this is decidedly thinner than the iPhone 4S, seemingly putting this iDevice in the same slimness league as the new Motorola RAZR Android phone, for example.

The overall design, though, appears to be roughly similar to the iPhone 4S, only squished down. The physical home button, from what I can tell, is still there. The display has gone virtually edge-to-edge, though, and it’s a “totally glass capacitive screen on a polycarbonate lightweight body.” The copy accompanying the concept images also tell us there is a “new core” and a “new camera,” but doesn’t go into any further detail. I imagine the real iPhone 5 will have an Apple A6 (or similar) chip, whatever that means.

What do you think? Is this what the next generation iPhone will look like? What would you change?

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  1. Michael says:

    An edge to edge screen would be stupid. If the screen were to go edge to edge, cases would really get in the way of the screen, or they would not be able to protect the edges very well. If you were to drop your phone and it landed on the edge, the screen would have a much higher chance of being affected. I think that is why they left a little space around the edges of the screen – for extra protection.

  2. Dora208 says:

    An improved battery is most important, has to have no static issues, and i don’t know about that new home button.. 

    I hope the rumor about a metallic backing is true.. and gorilla glass for the touch-screen => Durability is big to me… =) .. But the 4s is still a good phone.

  3. Bill says:

    All I care about is a thiner phone

  4. Aaron says:

    I actually don’t care if the iPhone goes thinner, I just want it to have a better camera, be even faster, have better battery power and have nice sound quality when playing music without earphones.
    If it goes thinner then (I think) it’d be impossible to super improve those things…
    Oh and more colors wuld be nice too! =)

  5. J_Zen says:

    None of these images appear to show a physical home button, it sure looks capacitive to me.  This should also coincide with the same area being receptive to certain gesture-based inputs…as has been previously rumored.

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