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Windows Phone Marketing About To Get $200 Million Booster Shot

Despite being a “marked improvement” over Windows Mobile before it, and despite showing a fair bit of promise, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 hasn’t exactly been the most popular of smartphone platforms. To help bolster interest and attention, the big M and its OEM partners are promising to spend $200 million in the next few months.

This big marketing push will take on many approaches, including everything from simple awareness campaigns to incentives for retailers to push Windows Phone devices. There are reports that sales guys could get as much as $10 to $15 per handset sold. The money comes from Microsoft, as well as partners like Nokia and Samsung, and it’s reportedly going to all be spent in “early 2012.” The Nokia Ace from AT&T, in particular, will be getting a “concerted advertising push.”

It’s clear that Android and iOS are the elephants in the room when it comes to smartphone platforms, since only 5.2% of all smartphone subscribers are using Microsoft’s mobile OS. If you thought you were sick of the “To the Cloud” campaign, you’re about to get really sick of Windows Phone… but at least more of the general population will even know of its existence.



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  1. In all honesty, I didn’t like the Cloud idea, but it really isn’t that bad.  I can update a Word doc while on the bus, and by the time I get to my lab the info has been updated on my PC.  Direct sync to PC is supposedly coming in the next major update to Windows Phone (aka Apollo), thus allowing people to bypass the Cloud.  There are numerous posts about the disconnect between Outlook (PC version) and the how Windows Phone handles those functions (i.e. no Tasks, Notes, Categories, etc.).  This disconnect is really due to a problem with Outlook Connector (on the PC) and how Windows Live functions.  Essentially these incompatibilities resulted from a lack of planning when Microsoft set up their Cloud (too many teams not communicating?).  PC sync should restore all the functionality, increase security, and allow you to sync when the devices are not connected to a network (on an airplane, for instance).  It’s ridiculous that Microsoft dropped this simple feature from Windows Phone, likely in an attempt to force people to the Cloud.  But hey, everyone’s doing it now.  Still, I hope the rumors of direct to PC sync coming in the near future are true.

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