Acer A700 Tegra 3 Android Tablet spotted in Russia


acer_iconia_tab_A700_645_2 Acer A700 Tegra 3 Android Tablet spotted in Russia

Engadget has got this story first, basing it on a Russian source They obviously used some online translation service, like Google Translate. Or something else. Which actually looks quite good when discussing specs for a device in question: “1920×1200, 10,1 дюйма” was translated perfectly into 1920×1200, 10.1″ screen for this Acer A700 intercepted in Russia when on its way to CES. All other claimed by specs do look good, too:

— Tegra 3 running at 1.3 GHz (well, maybe);
—  claimed 10 hours of battery life;
— 1.43 pounds (or 650 грамм, if you wish)
— 5 MP rear camera with single flash;
— 3G radio, SIM slot;
— textured back on a compound (non-monolithic) body.
What was lost in translation is this: guys at failed to charge the device and, consequently, turn it on. So the specs quoted were taken from wherever else they could dig information from, except from the device they held in their hands. Sure, the numbers claimed don’t really have official Acer support. The title of the article is quite revealing, too:  it’s called “Smuggled”. Even if it’s a kind of a Russian joke.
Smuggled or not, the tablet is very interesting though. See you at CES.

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