The Nokia 1 Windows 8 Concept Tablet

While Nokia recently made it clear it is only considering tablets at this point and not yet working on them, the idea of a Nokia Tablet has still inspired the imagination of concept artists.

After positive attention for the Nokia Tab Windows 8 tablet concept, a similar designed concept device is now being shown off by YrOnimuS, under the name Nokia 1.

The new concept tablet features an 11.6-inch AMOLED screen, weighs 580 grams, is only 8.5mm thick, supports 1280×800, 2MP front camera, and has a 5MP camera at the back with 1080p video capture capable of 30 fps. The unit also features 2GB or RAM, a 7500 mAh battery, 32/64 GB of internal storage, a Wacom active digitizer, and an ARM processor.

The operating system of course, is Windows 8 for ARM.

Overall, an interesting looking device that certainly has a style that feels at home compared to existing Nokia products. Now we just need to hear official word for Nokia that they are indeed planning to enter the tablet market sooner, rather than later.

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  1. havasu46 says:

    Gee, a tablet phone, a super tablet or a super phone?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I simply don’t understand why people would buy a device with a small screen (and modest specs) when they could use a much more powerful laptop?  There’s always your smartphone for on the go mobile needs.  Tablets just seem impractical.  I really hope the fad passes soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most people don’t need the “power” of a laptop to carry around. You can get much better battery life and have a much more portable device while still enjoying nice screen real-estate for email, video, games, etc. I would love one of these to replace my netbook (have a powerful desktop as my main home pc) 

  3. I have the feeling that Microsoft and Nokia will eventually win in the cellphones and tablet markets because of their superior products. Microsoft has enough money to keep trying until the company conquers the markets.

  4. anyourbusiness says:

    I want 2 now

  5. If it has a 11.6-inch screen, I hope the final product doesn’t have so fat of a bezel around it.

  6. toma says:

    looks brilliant! will not be a toy like ipad for sure.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Take my money, Nokia! Take it!!

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