Mydlink App Lets Users Monitor Their Security IP Cameras Remotely


dlink-ip-camera-security-app Mydlink App Lets Users Monitor Their Security IP Cameras Remotely
Recently Mobile Magazine had a post on a security camera app, iVigilo Smartcam Pro,that enables you to use your iPhone or iPad’s camera signal as a security system. Now, it it seems that D-Link is following suite with another camera security app for tablets in specific, though this one uses D-Link cameras that are connected to your network.

The D-Link app, mydlink+, works for both Android and iOS devices and allows consumers to remotely monitor their home or small office anywhere in the world through the power of the net. The app will allow you to use your tablet to monitor up to four mydlink network cameras simultaneously. Some of the supported cameras include the Day/Night Network Camera with mydlink (DCS-932L) and the Wireless N Network camera.

For those who travel regularly and want a convenient way to monitor their home or office, this could really prove handy. For those that prioritize security and already have d-link compatible cameras at home, this app is really a no-brainer.

Until the end of the year the app will be available from the App Store and Android Market for only $.99. After the limited promotion ends the price will increase to $4.99.

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