Skype Gives Free WiFi at Airports To Holiday Season Travelers

Skype Gives Free WiFi at Airports To Holiday Season Travelers


For this holiday season, starting on Deceber 21st and ending on December 27th, Skype is giving away one free hour of WiFi access at more than 50 major airports in US. Holiday travelers may bide their time with their WiFi-capable devices within these airports, be it just a casual checking of emails, or browsing latest news at MobileMag. This being a gift from Skype naturally suggests these customers are also invited to use it for Skype calls and messaging, and probably participate in some type of data mining exercise.

Airports are usually quite crowded on holiday seasons, and this year holidays are certainly not an exception. There might be delayed flights due to bad weather condition or over bookings. People get simply stuck at the airports for hours on end. Servicing these crowds with free Skype video calls might become quite problematic for third party WiFi access airport vendors because of sudden avalanche of requests for connections.

Still, it’s nice to have a free present from Santa Skype even if its just a measly hour of online time.

[Ubergizmo via Skype]

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