Magic Super Trio Cable Fits USB And Apple Tips From A Single...

Magic Super Trio Cable Fits USB And Apple Tips From A Single Cord


The picture says it all. If you need multiple USB connectors in a single cable, even an Apple 40-pin connector, check out the super Trio adapter cable for $19 from Innergie. It’s good for eliminating clutter on you table. Sure, and even easier to carry. Maybe even cheaper than buying three different cables. The problem I see is the length of just 8-inches, compare that to the typical 38-inch standard Apple cable. The same thing applies to the branching micro- and mini-USB ports, they are even closer to your iPad, so the units to be connected with such a cable will sit directly on the same table and maybe even hanging off the back of the computer.

Of course, there are plenty of cheap extender cables available, just to put away and out of sight the connected devices. Cable clutter obviously doesn’t go anywhere in this case and it’s probably better suited for the mobile user on the go.