Free TeleNav HTML5 GPS Offers Voiced Turn-By-Turn Directions


111214-telenav  Free TeleNav HTML5 GPS Offers Voiced Turn-By-Turn Directions

When it comes to voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions, the GPS app on many smartphones and tablets usually needs to be coded in a native kind of way. TeleNav is changing that by offering the first GPS navigation service of its kind that is powered by HTML5. That means it can be completely browser-based and work on any OS.

It doesn’t have a name yet, but the new TeleNav creation completely opens up new windows for both developers and consumers. The HTML5 browser-based solution offers voice guidance and turn-by-turn, just like a standalone GPS navigation device. No need for a static mapping service. Developers can add a single line of code and away they go.

If you are a current app developer and would like to take advantage of the new HTML5 GPS API from TeleNav, you can sign up on their website for updates and such. Code once and deploy on multiple platforms. The planned launch is in early 2012.

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