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NOOK Color Update Brings In Netflix App And More

While you would think that Barnes & Noble would focus most of its attention these days on the newer Nook Tablet, it seems that the one year old Nook Color is actually receiving an interesting update to its firmware today.

The upgrade includes several additional features that can move NOOK Color much closer to the NOOK Tablet, at least in base functionality.

Beneath the custom e-reader interface, the Nook Color actually had real Android power and function, something that many developers of custom ROMs have known since day one.

It’s good that Barnes & Noble recognizes it as well, even if a little late.

New features include:

  •  Netflix app with a free 30-day trial comes preloaded. This has become the Holy Grail of all the recent “e-readers” and now it has found its way into the older tablet as official NOOK Color app.
  • New NOOK Comics app and support for reading and purchasing comics.
  • New Page Perfect e-reader app for enhancing reading experiences of digital copies of richly published art albums, culinary books, and other books lavishly illustrated and set with artful layouts in their printed versions.

The upgrade is rolling out and installs as an OTA (Over-The-Air) update right now. It’s too early to make any comparisons just yet. The CyanogenMod 7 community for NOOK Color is not very much excited: they have enjoyed the same, or similar functionality on their NOOK Colors since last summer. Then, the upgraded firmware doesn’t include the upgraded kernel: it’s a Froyo-based old kernel still.

NOOK Color is discounted to the $199, the same price shared by the more powerful Kindle Fire. I somehow doubt this new update will bring in more NOOK Color buyers, even with the new additions.

Instead of focusing on the dying, under-powered Nook Color, Barnes & Noble should really spend their efforts working to build up the popularity of its more powerful Nook Tablet.



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  1. I have a nook color and cyanogen….I love it. Got my Nook Color for 120….and it does everything I wanted it to do…read comics, magazines, flipboard, netflix, hbogo etc. It might not be SUPER fast. But, as someone who bought it just to watch movies and read comics, it’s perfect…plus it’s small…which is a selling point for me as well.

  2. Nook gives a refund within a 30 day period so if it’s 31 and over you get a preconditioned one which is odd. How can they already have so many preconditioned ones? I am already on my third preconditioned one! I regret purchasing Nook Color and tell anyone.

  3. Priscillamagdaleno

    Netflix does NOT come preloaded on the Nook Color. You need to load your credit card info then download the free app. Not a happy camper right now!!! I do not want to load my info onto my Color.

  4. It’s cool that Netflix comes preloaded on the Nook Color but too bad that Netflix’s streaming library is extremely limited.  I used the free trial of Netflix‘s streaming services and loved watching movies instantly but could hardly ever find the movies I wanted. I have since switched to Blockbuster @Home from my employer, DISH, and have been much more satisfied. It even comes with extra movie channels and the disc by mail service. I love it.

  5. Suppose as you suggest that Barnes and Noble ignored the Nook Color…

    1. Why would Nook color owners looking for tablet functionality buy a Nook Tablet? BN clearly ran a risk of losing those customers to Amazon. Netflix and better magazines makes the switch less enticing.

    2. Given the strategy to keep the Nook Color for sale, it had to be competitive.

    3. Also, BN has “quietly” sold thousands of Nook Colors for $120-150. This has not been as public as the HP fire sale, but it is a blatent attempt to get the Nook platform in as many hands as possible by Christmas

  6. Reportedly only 3% of Nook Color owners have rooted their device.  B&N sold about 5 million of them last year so there are millions of pre-existing customers who benefit from the update.  Pissing off and ignoring your first adopters isn’t a sound business practice.  Continuing to support them and make them feel like they haven’t been ripped off or ignored is good business.  The update is good business.

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