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MacBook Pro Lion OCZ SSD VS. 7200 RPM Seagate Bootup Comparison

Some of you may be on the fence about going down the SSD route. Well, we’ve decided to do a bootup comparison of two nearly identical MacBook Pro models. Both are 2.5Ghz MacBook Pro 15″ with 2GB RAM running a fresh copy of Lion. The difference however, is the one on the left has a 7200RPM 500GB Seagate hard drive with those spinning disc platter things that take forever. And on the right, a freshly loaded 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD harddrive. You tell me what you want to live with after watching the video.

The benchmarks on the SSD are phenomenal. Uncached Write speeds were hitting 74.44 MB/sec, Uncached Reads were hitting 17.51 MB/sec. Performance on this was better with larger blocks. You can compare to our xBench score here.

The SSD drive boots in 14 seconds and beats the Seagate even when being powered up after. Everything seems faster too, launching windows, multitasking, tabbed browsing. This is probably the most affordable way to upgrade your computer while actually feeling a big difference. Not to mention, if you’re prone to dropping your notebook, SSDs don’t suffer the same head crashing that traditional platter hard disc drives do. If you want to know how to do it yourself there’s plenty of resources all over the web about hard drive swapping on the MacBook Pro.

The OCZ Vertex 2 SSD is actually on sale now for $150 from NCIX.



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  1. james braselton

    hi there your right right when ssd hdd netbooks came out i compaired a 16 ssd netbook hp 1001 and the 160 gb ssd netbook i bought the 16 gb ssd hp 1001 then upgraded too the 1010 with 32 gb ssd then saved up enough money for a ssd macbook air with a 256 gb ssd oh the air ssd is way faster then hp ssd but the gard drives from like imac 24 inch has 2.13 ghz 3 gb ram and 750 gb hdd and macbook air 13.3 inch 2.13 ghz 4 gb ram and a 256 gb ssd will the air wins big time never going back too old slow hard drives the ps3 hard drive is slowest on planet at only 5,400 rpms 3 minutes boot time 3 minutes turn off time and 10 minutes load time and 30 minute game install i will never recomand a hard drive for gaming

  2. I got an old Crucial 64GB for £50 off ebay and my Windows 7 PC goes like a bat out of hell.

    Get one, you’ll never regret it.

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