Facebook App For Windows Phone Updated: The Missing Mango Features


facebook-winmobile Facebook App For Windows Phone Updated: The Missing Mango FeaturesGood news for Windows Phone users; the Facebook application you have been using over the past year has just received an update. This version should bring things up to speed with the Mango flavor. Other non-related features unrelated to Mango will also be included, but we don’t care about those. The Facebook app for Windows Phone is usable, but its missing many other things. The update finally brings push notifications to the platform. This means that when a notification is born on the Facebook site you will be notified immediately on Windows Phone rather than having to open the app to find out that your‘re friend just ate pizza or got a hair cut.

What else is coming? Other features include: “deep linking capability, the ability to link features like Messages and News Feeds to the Start page, Features toasts and tile notifications and the ability to pin selected elements of the app.”

Having push notifications is being warmly welcomed by Windows Phone users.

[Source via Windows Phone]

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