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Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4S Jailbreak Released: Not Public

I’ve got some good news and some bad news for all the Cydia fans in the audience. The good news is that they’ve figured out how to jailbreak the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. The bad news is that the jailbreak isn’t quite ready for public consumption just yet.

Not surprisingly, the jailbreak solution comes to us from the iPhone Dev Team, the same people that did Yellowsn0w, Redsn0w, and all the other sn0w jailbreaks for previous iDevices. While the jailbreak appears to be playing friendly with the A5 processor and iOS 5, there are “huge missing pieces” that prevent the jailbreak from hitting public release.

Considering that the original jailbreak of the iPhone 4 was demonstrated on July 2, but wasn’t released to the public until August 2, we might have to assume that the work being put in by the iPhone Dev Team will be much the same for the iPhone 4S. So, even though the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S have been jailbroken, you likely won’t be doing the Cydia thing on there until the end of November. Is this a bit premature to announce? We think so, reminds us of those 1TB SSD drives announced 2 years ago but never actually made it to market until last week.



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  1. when this jailbreak will be released publically…..?

  2. when this jailbreak will be released publically…..?

  3. eagerly awaited…

  4. fatiguenoinjury

    i hope they can jailbreak before christmas.. go dev team!

  5. I just hope its out soon before thanksgiving, I think people in the wait of this jailbreak are willing to donate considering the devteams effort and dedication to this public need.

  6. love jailbreaking, lets me test all the products to decide if it is worth paying to support the developers.  It also lets me test them all on my aaxa p4 pico projector.  Gotta love pico projectors!

  7. Good job guys! Always finding a way to get around barriers. Can’t wait for the release!

  8. you guys are  awesome!! hopefully all goes well and jailbreak releases soon

    thanks Dev team

  9. Can’t wait…keep up the great work guys!

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