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Check Out The All New iPhone 5 Concept

Yes, everyone is still talking about the iPhone 4S (and talking to Siri), but that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about the next true generation of Apple’s smartphone. We all know that the iPhone 5 has to be in the works, but what will it look like? Designer Antonio De Rosa has taken it upon himself to show you what could be the new iPhone 5.

Coming by way of ADR Studio, De Rosa had previously shown off his iWatch concept. For his iPhone 5 concept, he culled together the most current rumors and put them together in a clever package. That includes an aluminum or “liquid metal” unibody type body, a capacitive home button in an oval-like shape, a larger 4.3-inch screen that goes nearly edge to edge, an upgraded Apple A6 dual-core processor, and improved versions of both iOS 5 and iCloud.

I don’t know about you, but the stretched out iPhone 5 is starting to look a fair bit like the Android superphones that are out there with their 4+ inch displays. Something like the HTC EVO 4G (sorta, but not really). The edge to edge display looks nice, but I’m not sure I’m a fan of that grey-ish curved back. What do you think? Is this going to be the first iPhone in a post-Jobs era in Cupertino?



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  1. i know the 4s just came out and i love it, but i cant wait for the 5. Apple does a good job of upgrading “just” enough to keep us buying!  Coupled with my aaxa p4 projector, i can watch all my favorite videos right off my iphone onto a flat surface pretty much anywhere

  2. The overall design is pretty slick plus I think 4.3″ is the sweet spot for smartphones, anything bigger is too much.  I can live with this.

  3. Great design, but I like a 4″ screen better than the 4.3, which would make the phone overall smaller. 

  4. as the writer said, “what could be the new iphone 5″. many more mysteries to unveil.

  5. as the writer said, “what could be the new iphone 5″. many more mysteries to unveil.

  6. as the writer said, “what could be the new iphone 5″. many more mysteries to unveil.

  7. Great design. 

  8. Looks more like a galaxy s 2

  9. I agree I’m not really a fan of the curved silver back to the phone. The bigger screen would be great, but you still want the phone to be be good looking while providing better performance

  10. I think this looks fantastic.  I just bought an iPhone 4S but I’d trade it for the above in a minute.  It’s a beautiful evolution of design.  PS Don’t kid yourself re: first post Jobs iPhone – this iPhone will be completely infused with his DNA.  He was working on this right up until he passed.

  11. Hopefully Apple will copy this designers idea and will put it into real device, because the 4S is really outdated if we compare to new Galaxy Nexus or, Galaxy 2S 

  12. Screen can be enlarger, but its whole body should not be larger than iPhone 4. I mean, should enlarge screen in existing size body of iPhone 4 is good enough. Otherwise, it will be bigger and no more smarter phone.

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