Next year’s Ultrabooks to feature 2560×1400 displays, Ivy Bridge processors


111011-ultra  Next year's Ultrabooks to feature 2560x1400 displays, Ivy Bridge processors
Yowza. These days it’s fairly common to find notebooks with 1366×768 resolution displays, even if they happen to be 15-inch screens. That’s the same with this first generation of Ultrabooks from companies like Asus and Acer. However, the Ivy Bridge-powered ultrabooks next year could make a quantum leap beyond full HD.

Word out of Intel is that this next generation of ultrabooks will offer displays with 2560×1400 pixel resolutions, effectively bringing the “Retina Display” level of pixel density into a laptop style form factor. That’s a huge leap beyond the 1440×900 that you find even on the nicer end of the MacBook scale.

Remember that full HD is simply 1920×1080 pixels and that’s what you get on the HDTV in your living room. The pixel density on these new ultrabooks would give you even more virtual real estate, though the extra pixels are likely wasted in most of the programs that you are using. Even so, that’s pretty awesome. Backed up by the new Ivy Bridge generation of Intel processors, these ultrabooks are sounding pretty sweet.

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