DoCoMo Goes Crazy with BMI, UV, Breath Analyzer and Radiation Detection Smartphone...

DoCoMo Goes Crazy with BMI, UV, Breath Analyzer and Radiation Detection Smartphone ‘Jackets’


Japanese mobile carrier DoCoMo, has launched three smartphone smart jackets which will probably never see the light of day and are so gigantic it would seem to be quite useless in today’s compact portable on the go culture and should probably be called smartphone parkas.

The first addon measures your body mass index and muscle ratio via four electrodes on the sides combined with your personal data like age, sex, weight, height, etc. You can also store your friends and family’s statistics and compare them. The last time I saw this technology it was in my local dollar store.

The second one is designed for women, it measures UV rays to let you know where and when it’s safest to get a tan. It also works as a breath analyzer, measuring the alcohol units in your breath, but also checks to see if you need to chew some minty gum before you talk to someone. First of all, any UV during direct sunlight is going to be bad. If you’re wearing sunscreen then really, you’re just killing yourself faster.

The last one may be only one worth releasing to the public, especially in Japan – it measures radiation in the air by using a semi-conductor sensor. How accurate it is, how often it needs to be calibrated, and how expensive it will be is still unknown. Way to go DoCoMo.

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