HIOD One Bluetooth is the Missing Communications Link For Cyclists

HIOD One Bluetooth is the Missing Communications Link For Cyclists


You know how when you go out with your friends on your bicycles you can’t communicate with each other because the traffic is too loud? Well, a Swedish wireless tech company, called Free2Move, designed a Bluetooth communications system specifically for cyclists.

HIOD One consists of an arm-mounted voice module with hard-wired earphones and microphone and a wrist-mounted control module. With this new technology, cyclists can talk to their friends as long as they are no farther than 400 meters away.

The HIOD is powered by rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which works for around ten hours of talk time. Any cyclist can stay in contact with up to five other riders through the HIOD system, but only one at a time. The system requires users to be in clear line of sight, which could be difficult for mountain bikers, for example.

While rider-to rider is the main purpose of the HIOD, it can also be used to make and receive phone calls from connected mobile phones or to stream music.

The HIOD One is not available for purchase in general stores yet, but Free2Move is currently looking for interested parties who may want to buy or sell it.

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