Priceline Tonight-Only app finds you the cheapest hotel deal that night

I’ve been on the road for several weeks now, although squatting at various friends and couches, I do happen to grab a hotel room every so often.  Priceline Thursday added an app to their service that shows travelers a “tonight-only” special that is good from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM for that same day.  No bids, no pre-purchasing futures, just sign up and reserve the deals the same day to fill a hotels excess inventory.

Hotel Tonight is a similar app that some of you may already be using, it works much in the same way by allowing you to book a hotel that same night (just an hour earlier) at a discount.

Here’s how Tonight-Only works: Users peruse hotel options for one of 34 cities with descriptions, maps and even some Priceline user reviews before making an instant booking. There’s no blind booking or bidding here; fixed rates are last-minute offers the travel site negotiates with hotels, Priceline’s Brian Ek says.

It’s free and out for iPhone and iPad users, the app also includes a Hotel & Rental negotiator.


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  1. I like how Hotel Tonight is simple to use.

    It’s almost impossible to keep tabs on every tool that’s being introduced and every new strategy that flaunts success.

    It seems like there is suddenly a wealth of hotel search engine growth and innovation. HipMunk are making a funky UI, and HotelSweep are going direct like RoomKey but using information extraction to cover all hotels not just partners.

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