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Unbranded Nexus One now getting Android Gingerbread 2.3.6

No, it’s not quite the same as getting your hands on the upcoming Nexus Prime and tasting Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but it is nice to see that the old darling of the Droid world is still getting some love. If you happen to have an unbraded version of the Google Nexus One, you should be receiving an OTA update for Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.

The over the air update should be a seamless upgrade, like most other updates to Android, and it has been confirmed that this update “doesn’t seem to hobble the Wi-Fi tethering option that some Nexus S owners experienced.” That’s the good news.

I wouldn’t say that it’s bad news, but the neutral news is that Android 2.3.6 doesn’t seem to come along with too much in terms of fancy bells and whistles. It appears that this is mostly a security patch and minor bug fix. In any case, the update is rolling out to the unbranded Nexus Ones so if you’re still rocking one of these gems, you might want to check if you can have it yet.



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  1. Need downgrade or another update

  2. James Collings

    Hmmm…. nope. My Xoom definately won’t connect to it now.

  3. James Collings

    Ah… I see. It seems to have lost my old connection settings. Will have to re-configure wifi hotspot.

  4. James Collings

    My wifi hotspot is not working.

  5. with 2.3.6 update, market is not properly working as it was, image zoom with two finger isnt working, also it replace the new music player with old one.  this update only change the information of os version to 2.3.6 and google voice search. THIS UPDATE ISNT A GOOD ONE.

  6. When will the evo get this update

  7. Is there any way to uninstall the update?

  8. got my update yesterday, and ever since my camera does not work, it only says CAMERA ERROR CANNOT CONECT TO CAMERA.

    Help! it was working perfectly fine before that!
    oh, and my batery is running down very fast.. I do not know if that has anything to do with it.

  9. Thanks you guys! I was wondering what was wrong. I’ve talked to HTC and T mobile and neither of them had a solution to help me.. both telling me to call the other. I just reset the password to my previous settings and everything is fine now! Thanks again! :)

  10. Tethering on my nexus one stopped working after I upgraded to 2.3.6 :(

  11. got it this morning — only thing i noticed so far was my tethering SSID and the password were reset to APAndroid with a vairable passkey.  i was able to reset them to my former settings and all was working again

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