Tech Crunch Part 2: Social Proximity apps gaining ground

Interviews with several companies at Tech Crunch Disrupt in San Francisco who have released proximity-based social networks. Andy Kim, co-founder & CTO of Mingle Social App, who launched their app six weeks ago on iOS and has seen some impressive growth with 22,000 downloads and 11,000 users delivering 60,000 messages.

TeeMeW, Co-Founder and CPO Lior Degani brings us a walk through of their mobile app which is still in beta and lets you network with users around you at events and wherever business opportunities may arise, this way you can connect with business leads or find people with similar interests.

PigeonMe’s head pigeon and co-founder Roy Georgia talks about their app “PigeonMe” which allows you to zone in and locate your friends location, putting your mind at ease while you patiently await their arrival.

Download links: PigeonMe, Mingle

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