Tech Crunch Disrupt Part 1: Mobile Apps Drumbi, Streamzoo and PicDish

In the Startup Alley of Tech Crunch Disrupt 2011 in San Francisco, I had the chance to speak to some founders of some great new apps, this first video of the series covers Drumbi, a new app launching shortly that changes the phone’s dialer and makes it more visual and interactive. Streamzoo, a simple app that allows you to modify and tweak photographs, and PicDish, the facebook and Quora app for foodies.

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  1. Manish says:

    Fabrizio – thanks for posting the video – your new camera worked out great!  

  2. Alvi says:

    Out of the 3, Drumbi is my favorite by far. I can envision Drumbi becoming the future of phone communication. 

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