Ford’s Galaxy S II E-Bike Concept

Ford’s Galaxy S II E-Bike Concept


ford-e-bike-2011-09-12-600-1 Ford's Galaxy S II E-Bike Concept

Ford is thinking ahead and is starting to incorporate new ideas on how to merge transportation with communication tools. Ford launched the Evos concept which has already wowed people all over the world. However, the slinkiest hybrid so far only has two wheels – this concept bicycle from Ford is called the E-Bike Concept. The bike has an electronic motor which is built into the front wheel. It can generate a speed of 25 km/h with a 9.2 Ah battery. If you still want ride your bike the conventional way, you can power the bike by pedaling, with the torque connected to the rear wheel over a carbon belt.

On the handlebars, something special is attached. Lo and behold—it’s a Galaxy S 2 smartphone. This means riders will be able to change suspension modes through some custom software. You can also monitor battery charge and activate Google Navigation. The key word here is “concept.” Stay tuned for further developments regarding this Ford project.

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