Atari Arcade iPad Dock Lets You Experience Arcade Gaming


Atari-Arcade-iPad-Stick Atari Arcade iPad Dock Lets You Experience Arcade Gaming

It is undeniably true that iPad gaming will be around for a long period of time, and as a matter of fact, gaming is included on the top three things most people do when it comes to their gadgets. To cater to gamers’ demands, Atari worked with ThinkGeek who outsourced to ION to create the iCade. Remember that cool-looking gadget that resembles a mini arcade machine?

Well, here’s something very similar that will most likely be half the price at $50. Discovery Bay Games’ Atari Arcade iPad Dock hopes to achieve the same arcade feel when it comes to your iPad, though it doesn’t look as cool as the iCade. The bonus of the dock is that it has a 30-pin dock which you can connect to your iPad, unlike the iCade which connects to the 10-inch gadget through Bluetooth. The dock is designed to work with Atari’s Greatest Hits app. The device has semblance to a racing-striped Shelby Cobra. Atari Arcade is kept in place by four huge rubber feet and it clings to almost any surface such as wood and glass and you can click the joystick in eight different ways. If you’re not willing to shell out $100 for the iCade, then this device is probably for you. We’ll see what the exact pricing ends up being.

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