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BlackBerry Colt with QNX being rushed to market without BES

We’ve all heard about how the BlackBerry PlayBook was a rushed product, sending what was almost a beta build into the marketplace. Now, it looks like Research in Motion is about to do the exact same thing with another QNX-based device: the upcoming BlackBerry Colt.

As you may recall, the device codenamed the BlackBerry Colt is going to the first smartphone from the Canadian company to be powered by a QNX-based operating system. They’re still working out all sorts of kinks, but sales are slumping on current smartphones. More specifically, the BlackBerry 7 launch has been anything but stellar. The numbers are lower than expected and this could be mostly because all the RIM fans would rather wait it out to get the QNX-based Colt instead.

However, they could be very disappointed when the Colt eventually appears. It turns out that “the integration of BES/BIS email/calendar is proving difficult,” wrote Peter Misek, an analyst from Jefferies & Company. “We think a QNX phone without these would be a disaster,” but this is sounding more and more likely with each passing day. No support of BlackBerry Enterprise Server would be huge, rendering the phone virtually unusuable by many corporate customers. And corporate/enterprise is RIM’s bread and butter.

I’m Canadian, so I’m trying to remain optimistic about Canada’s only real player in the smartphone world, but my optimism is waning and fast.



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  1. Being Canadian I want to see RIM do well but I wonder how they can let such an industry leader slip so much. If I were the CEO (or one of the 2 CEOs) I would say, this QNX phone ships with email and calendar or everyone in this room can start job hunting! 

  2. Why would the QNX phone not have BBM or native mail, when the QNX Playbook will finally have this and the Android App Player come mid October at DEVCON?

  3. Sounds like Blackberry is on a supersonic jet to nowhere!!! The new Torch and Bold touch will soon be released with the new Blackberry 7, but not upgradeable to QNX, a Playbook without email, and the Colt without BES. Hmmm… Seems like a lot of mistakes to me.

    Apparently two heads (two CEO’s) is not better than one.

    We’re on BES now, but if Blackberry continues on this sloppy path, we won’t be for long.

  4. A blackberry without BES is hardly a blackberry at all.

  5. Countryboy200013

    The blackberrys havnt ben out that long but when my contract runs out with att that 9850 is mine cause one thing blackberry does get right is being able to call someone

  6. i just heard RIM is buying Iphone off of Apple, and moving their head quarters to Silicon Valley, it’s true.

  7. where do you idiots get your information?  lol…this article is so dumb and false.

  8. where do you idiots get your information?  lol…this article is so dumb and false.

  9. Apple’s Lion OSX is a flop – they are having multiple bugs and screw-ups – yet nobody has anything critical to write about it. Yet the critics nail Playbook to the wall and beyond….

    blatantly biased RIM-bashin. Bash RIM if you will (you’ve got some good material to use!) but hold Apple to the same standards everyone…

    • Res,

      I am a Blackberry hardcore enterprise user and manager, always have been. My comments are directed at the proven trackrecord of RIM over the past 18 months. I would love to say that they’ve done the right thing but I wouldn’t have any proof. I had a playbook at 9:15 am on April 19th. I pushed our executive to wait and even professed patience with the updates, but at the end of the day, they still havent delievered to their bread and butter..me. I don’t know anyone who would accept NO SPELL CHECK on an enterprise device for managers or C level execs. It’s just bad business decisions. New OS? I thought this was a tried and true OS that would be the holy grail for RIM (at least they professed that)

      As for your Apple comments, I am well aware of their challenges (as well as Android) and maybe at some point they will get their come-uppance, but this company has blown a few chances to look better, act better and be better, but for some reason, they need to rush to market with an incomplete product.
      Fix QNX with Playbook, delay the phones until it works with everything. And speaking of QNX, if it’s not going to work with BES, does that mean the 4G playbook wont either?

      • “I would love to say that they’ve done the right thing but I wouldn’t have any proof.”
        This seems to imply that there is some “proof” that the new QNX phones won’t ship with BES support.   There is absolutely no evidence that this is the case.

        Let me repeat that:  There is no evidence to support the belief that the new QNX phones will ship without BES support.  

        Here that Michael Kwan?  Stop reporting garbage from BGR as if it were gospel — It only leads to more fact-free articles from others repeating the same nonsense.

        • David,

          I believe you misunderstood my statement- The proof i was referring to was the Storm and Playbook launches which IMO (and only mine) were ill conceived and poorly executed. I was not referring to this particular article. I was speculating on Mr. Quan’s statement and IF it was true. If in fact Mr Quan’s information is pure “wishful thinking”, then Forbes and other online news feeds are jumping all over it, which lends to your rant.

        • I didn’t report it touting it as absolute truth. I reported it as rumor and conjecture. I said “it looks like” and not “it is.” At this point, just like so many other things in this industry, we can’t *know* a heck of a lot. However, based on the snippets of information that we do get, it sounds like RIM is really struggling to get BES to work with QNX. The hope is that they will overcome this hurdle before launch, of course, but it doesn’t appear likely at this point.

      • What 4G PlayBook? LMAO!

        • SBMobile,
          Yeah I know bu they have stated that it was launching in the fall. Their recent earnings report and the fact that Verizon and Sprint have openly stated that they are not getting them indicates that it might stall unless some of their functionality woes are solved with it. But the stalling may be linked to the BES issue that is “rumored” here.

  10. It is inconcievable to me that RIM has not learned any lessons from the Storm and Playbook launches which were disasterous attempts to get SOMETHING into the market. They can say all the want about how the Iphone/Ipads launched with “not much” but they had the functionality they needed to take the market. No BES? I would guess that 75% of RIM revenue is corporate BES clients. It’s a market they can continue to dominate if, and only IF, they focus their energies on them. Sure the consumer market is a big carrot but that market is lost now. Forget it, focus on the enterprise. It’s a revenue stream that can float you for a long time if you cater to it.
    With all the money they have, they still cannot buy enough developers/coders and engineers to work through the issues and this is unimaginable. Throw money at it until it’s fixed. Forgo your bloated salaries for the best of the best to fix your problems and your company, if you don’t think it’s worth it, then you must have your eyes on another prize.
    From the outside, it appears that the problem is a top down issue. How else can you explain this type of incompetence. Top tier C levels and managers jumping ship? This can only happen if they don’t buy into the direction from the top, and from what we’ve seen, the direction is bad.

  11. I’ve about had it with RIM’s stupidity. They haven’t even figured out how to implement multiple calendars yet.

  12. I’ve about had it with RIM’s stupidity. They haven’t even figured out how to implement multiple calendars yet.

  13. I’ve about had it with RIM’s stupidity. They haven’t even figured out how to implement multiple calendars yet.

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