Verizon launches DROID BIONIC by Motorola today

In case you haven’t seen the recent TV commercials, the Motorola Droid Bionic finally got an official release date a little while ago and that release date is today. Now we have to ask if the Bionic was really worth the long wait.

Yes, the claim is that the Droid Bionic will “rule all machines” and it is only available at Verizon Wireless, but we also have to realize that this phone was announced way back at CES in January. That’s eight months ago and a lot has changed in those eight months. You want a phone with a dual core 1GHz processor? Yeah, those exist already. You want a phone with LTE? Yeah, that’s out too.

I guess it helps that the Droid Bionic has both dual-core and LTE together in one package. Other specs include the full gig of DDR2 RAM, 4.3-inch qHD (960×540) display, 8MP camera, and HDMI mirror mode. Much like the Atrix, the Droid Bionic will also work with the Motorola LapDock and its 11.6-inch screen, giving you a full Firefox 4.0 browser, keyboard, trackpad, and multi-window capabilities.

The outright price for the Droid Bionic through Verizon is $589.99. Latch onto a two-year commitment with Big Red and that comes down to $299.99. What do you think? Is the Bionic worth the wait?

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  1. Thanks for your review. I want to know why Motorola had to move all the
    buttons. I upgraded from a Droid X to the Bionic and am frustrated that
    Motorola moved the buttons , probably so you had to buy new windshield
    mounts and other peripherals. Most critical is the removal of the camera
    button from the side. Now, you have to push the button on the screen
    which of course, moves the camera slightly as you are trying to take a

  2. Dillz1220 says:

    Not worth the wait.

  3. Dillz1220 says:

    Not worth the wait.

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